BREAKING NEWS: New single Hardland!


The new single from HARDLAND has experienced its baptism of fire at one of the great Rock Radio stations of America, Rock Rage Radio!

The song will have its absolute world premiere in the Poison Ivy Show on Rock Rage Radio Saturday 18 May.

Poison Ivy (Emberly Arp) was one of the first Radio Hosts in the United States to pick up HARDLAND and since then has continued to promote the band passionately in her Radio Shows. Which quickly led to more attention from numerous other stations on the other side of the Atlantic.

The many (very) positive reviews that HARDLAND’s debut album received and all the radio attention even led to HARDLAND being recently nominated 7x for an award from the International Singer-Songwriters Association, of which on August 3 in 4 of those categories the band actually hopes to redeem their nomination.

HARDLAND and her guitarist / singer / composer Aeilko Venema have recently reached the final of the International Singer-Songwriters Association Awards 2019 election.

In no less than 4 categories, Band Of The Year, Single Of The Year (with the song Dream Into Nightmare), Male Songwriter Of The Year and Mixing / Sound Engineer Of The Year 2019 they compete for the prizes!