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Ad van der Voorn

Ad van der Voorn | Keyboards | Vocals

We’re back home!

A frequently used phrase whenever we’re reminiscing or cracking the same old jokes like we used to do in our younger years. To me, making music is mainly enjoying myself and having fun.

Recently when Aeilko and I went to a concert of Porcupine Tree together, it crossed our minds that we actually met one another some 40 years ago. During all these years, with a few intervals, we wrote lots of music together and played many live gigs with our band My Pleasure.

Through Aeilko I got to meet Paul. That was about 20 years ago. Being back in Hardland, feels like coming home.

For Hardland’s debut album Aeilko, Paul and myself wrote all the music and on most of the tracks I played the keyboards.

Being back now, I’m enjoying myself big time writing and recording new material for our third album.

Who knows….after we finish recording we plan to get back on stage again, so I get to meet y’all!


Yep, we're back home!